Special Report: The 'Evolution' of Live Casino...

Live casino gaming has really caught on in recent years, making its way from a small niche to a colossal mainstream craze that continues to grow by the day.

So what’s behind its popularity? Why has it taken off? Who plays live casino games? We’ll take a look at all this and more in the in-depth guide.

What is a Live Casino?

Live casino games are online versions of traditional casino games, linked up via live streaming cameras and played on the web. They are compatible with desktops, laptops and mobile devices including both phones and tablets.

A live casino is basically a section of a digital online casino offering a video feed to a real, bricks and mortar casino. You can interact with real dealers in live-time, and play just as you would down at the casino.

Why Is Live Gaming Growing So Fast?

There are three main reasons for the huge rise in popularity of live casino gaming.

First, it’s one of the few truly innovative breakthroughs in the industry in recent times, and if there’s one thing online gamers love almost as much as winning, it’s the novelty of something new and exciting.

Second, the explosion in access to internet connected devices like mobile phones and tablets is partially responsible. With 24/7 access to high-speed internet connected devices on the go, it’s little wonder more and more players are jumping on the bandwagon and playing live casino games.

Third, the convenience is unrivaled. While many players would have been willing to make a trip down to the bricks and mortar venues to enjoy all the benefits of live games before, it’s now just too easy to enjoy all the same benefits with none of the downsides.

Since you’re actually connected to a dealer in a real casino while playing live, it can seem just like the real thing, without the travel, cost, and crowds.

What Games Can be Played at Live Casinos?

Live casinos focus on traditional casino games, rather than the new, novelty games to be found online. Card and table games make up the bulk, with blackjack, baccarat, roulette and poker being the main games on offer.

Since the entire point of a live game is to enjoy interacting with the dealer and seeing the game unfold in real time, it makes sense that these games make up the majority of live casino gaming.

Who Plays Live Casino Games?

Live casinos tend to be most popular with older, experienced gamers who would traditionally make a trip down to a real casino. These old school gamblers tend to enjoy things the way they’ve always known them.

As well as the first group, many sports bettors seeking something new and exciting tend to make the jump across to live casinos. Operators confirm that these are by far the most likely types to enter a casino for another purpose and end up giving live casino games a try.

Lastly, millennial players and those who have grown up enjoying the social web tend to enjoy live casino games because of the interactive, social nature of them. Since players can interact with the dealer and each other via chat features, this tends to draw in web-savvy, sociable gamers from that generation.

What Purpose Do Live Casinos Serve?

Live casinos do a great job of bridging the gap between real-world venues and the online gaming experience. It can’t be defined strictly as either, and the lines tend to blur when trying to define it since it is both at once yet totally different in its own right.

Live gaming can help connect younger players, who have grown up on strictly digital versions of games, to connect with and learn about the traditional versions of the games.

It can also allow old-school players, who want to enjoy things as they’ve always been, to take advantage of the many benefits of online gaming. Some of them may not be willing to give online gaming a try otherwise, and live casinos allow them to transition online via this medium.

Live Casinos & Mobile: A Match Made in Heaven?

We’ve already outlined that mobile devices are partly responsible for the ever-growing popularity of live casino games. Yet, are the two perfectly compatible?

There are undoubtedly pros and cons to any situation, and live casinos for mobiles are no exception.

Some of the pros are:

> Convenience - Players can enjoy the real-to-life feeling of being down at the casino anywhere, anytime. They can play from the back of the bus, from the sofa in the living room, or from just about anywhere they please.

> Extra Bonuses - Some online casinos offering live games offer mobile players extra bonuses, over and above what they offer desktop players. This is a fantastic advantage for mobile players, although it isn’t exclusive to live casinos.

> Ease of Access - Since many mobile casinos offer downloadable apps offering instant access to their games, mobile players can enjoy the benefits of personalized, instant access. There’s also the option to stay logged in.

Some of the cons are:

> Signal Loss - If you do happen to be on the move and lose signal, this can be an annoyance. It’s worth noting, however, that there are procedures in place which allow you to check up on bets placed and all legitimate casinos will honour any bets placed.

> Smaller Screens - Some mobile phones have relatively small screens, which can take away from the live gaming experience. This won’t be the case so much for those using the latest smartphones or tablets, but for players using older devices, it can take away from the experience.

Live Casino Summary

One this is for sure, live casino gaming is here to stay. With an estimated 3 billion more people set to come online before 2050, it’s a safe bet that many of them will want to try their luck and have a go at live casino gaming.

What the future holds is anybody’s guess, but with the development of ever better graphics, faster connections, and even virtual reality, live casino games are only going to get better and become more popular!