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Why Play Mobile Casinos?

It's no secret that mobile casino apps are on the rise.  

In fact, as far as social casino revenue is concerned the mobile market now controls 51% of all deposits made.

So why are best mobile casino apps so hugely popular, and why should you give them a try?

Let's explore...

The History of Mobile Casinos

Which was the first mobile release and who created it is widely disputed, but most industry watchers are happy to credit Playtech as first on the scene in 1995.  

Rivals quickly followed, with Amaya and RT both following and then Microgaming releasing their first mobile casino app in 2005.

The growth of mobile gaming has been staggering and has grown from 8.5% of all online gambling revenue in 2009 to 16.6% of all revenue in 2016.

In a $13.8bn global industry, that's a big deal! 

Mobile gaming has been around for decades and with the wide variety of platforms and ways on accessing the internet today, they have evolved and changed greatly.   Starting out with a few low-graphic games, there are now a handful of best mobile casino apps to suit all platforms from ios to android and platforms for tablet devices with ever greater graphics and features for players to enjoy.

As the devices have evolved, so to have the best mobile casino apps and games.

How are Mobile and Live Games Different?

There are pros and cons to every situation, and the mobile vs live casinos debate is no different.

  The first difference is the look and feel of mobile casinos and mobile casino apps.

Compared to login sites they are much simpler and could even be described as minimalist. Even the best mobile casino app can't handle the same graphics and file sizes as desktops and since screen sizes are so much smaller things tend to be more organized and prioritized.

 However, desktop casinos tend to have many more payments options.  Some find more payment options to be an advantage while others find it confusing and prefer two or three simple options like bank deposits, PayPal or mobile billing.

The top mobile casino apps tend to have fewer games than desktop casinos and the games are both compact and sometimes stripped of certain features to optimize load time and reduce the probability of an app crash.

This can work the other way, however, and some mobile slots games actually have extra features only available on mobile.

  With the explosive growth in mobile use all over the world, now consisting of 17% of all web traffic globally and with the smart phone industry growing at breakneck pace, most online casino operators are taking a mobile-first approach and pushing into the mobile casino app market.

Different Games - Different Platforms

Whether or not you should use a mobile casino application or a desktop program depends on the type of game you're playing. 

While you can play virtually all games on both, there are some which are more suitable for desktop and some which are better on mobile.

  Games which have great graphics are better viewed on a desktop.  The screen size and graphics cards are still better than on mobile.

  Slots are better on mobile devices.

The mobile slots industry has been around for a long time, and the range of games available for mobile platforms is amazing.  These are optimized to mobile and are often available in all-in-one apps.  Some slots games also include special features only available on mobile platforms such as bonuses and special features.

Live dealer games are lagging behind the best mobile casino apps, and are better enjoyed on a desktop. Depending on your preference seeing the dealer on a bigger screen and being able to see the cards being dealt is much more suitable to a live site.

  Keno and lotteries are more suitable for mobile. Often to catch the latest Keno game you need to act quickly, and since the best mobile casino apps are usually logged in you can get instant access from anywhere. 

 Bingo is also best enjoyed on mobile devices due to both the simplicity of tapping the screen as your numbers come up and because online bingo games are going on 24/7 round the clock, and you often have to quickly sign in to catch a game.

Why You Should Install the Best Mobile Casino Apps

There are many reasons people choose mobile casino games, and these are some of the reasons they are so massively popular.

Ease of Access

You can play all your favourite casino games on the best mobile casino app anywhere, anytime. From sitting on a bus to waiting in line, as long as you can get online you can play on the go.

Mobile Only Promos

Some platforms run promos especially for mobile users.  You'll only be able to access these if you are a mobile user, and they're often enticing such as no deposit bonuses and free game trials including access to newly released games.

Less Space & Data Use

We all have multiple programs running on our computers and phones these days.  Mobile versions are smaller and chew up much less memory than their desktop counterparts.  On the very best mobile casino apps, load times for games are faster and freezes, crashes or jumps less common since games are compact.

Stay Logged In

If you play on a live site you'll have to log in every time and can be logged out for a number of reasons.  Mobile casino apps stay logged in, which many players find convenient.

  Extra Security - All website are at risk of data breaches and hacks and online login websites are no exception. It's harder to hack a mobile gaming app because the hacker would have to personally access your mobile either remotely or physically.  For this reason, they're seen by many as safer and add an extra layer of protection.

The Future of Mobile Casino Apps

There are some exciting developments afoot in the tech-world which are likely to impact the best mobile casino apps in the near future. Here are some which are on the horizon:

Voice Commands - This tech is already available but still being refined. Soon you'll not even have to tap the screen or press a button, you'll just issue a voice command such as "transfer funds" or "spin", and the software will complete the action.

Peer-to-Peer Gaming - Due to the connectivity resulting from mobile devices, you'll soon be able to play a one-on-one or multiplayer peer to peer game. This means you won't even need to access a site or app, but will be able to transfer funds between mobile accounts as you play a high-stakes poker game with your mates. P2P already exists but is likely to grow as more people go online via mobile.

Virtual Reality - VR is coming, and it's coming soon. You may be able to sit in your own home and feel like you're down at a real life venue, mingling with real players and soaking up the atmosphere. This is a few years away, but with Google and Facebook racing to the finish line, VR is coming soon and it will be a big part of online gambling.


With mobile gambling controlling a larger and larger portion of the casino market every year, and with the best mobile casino apps dominating casino play on tablets and mobile phones, now is a great time to start playing with the top mobile casinos.