Quickspin Slots

Here’s our review of the top Quickspin video slots found in many best mobile casinos, including award winning titles like Big Bad Wolf and many more.

Quickspin Mobile Slots

Quickspin are relative newcomers to the video slots market, but the quality of their games has already marked them out as rising stars in the industry. With an ever expanding portfolio of imaginative and creative slots they are becoming a familiar presence in a number of online casinos.


This Swedish company was only established in 2011, but Quickspin have some very good pedigree given that a couple of the founders of this company previously held management level positions at industry behemoth NetEnt. Using their knowledge of the industry and the standards of game design set by NetEnt, Quickspin are trying to set a new benchmark in terms of game quality and innovation. At the moment there are no dedicated ‘Quickspin casinos’ as they just do not have enough games out there, but you can find their logo popping up on more and more top rated casinos.

Quality of Games

Although their portfolio cannot compete with longer established producers in terms of quantity, when it comes to the caliber of slots they are right up there with the best.

In fact one could certainly make a good case that in recent years Quickspin have surpassed NetEnt when it comes to the quality of graphics and the ingenious game play of their titles. Where some companies have a tendency to find a winning formula and then stick to it resolutely (yes, we’re looking at you Novomatic) Quickspin can come up with a superbly successful title like Big Bad Wolf, and then veer off in a completely different direction for their next release.

Popular Slot Titles

We mentioned Big Bad Wolf above, and the 2013 EGR ‘Game of the Year’ winner deserves prominent billing here. The game features the superb graphics, sound and animation that have become a trademark of Quickspin releases. This is a low variance game with a super high return to player of 97.34% meaning that not only does it look and play great, but it also offers great value to players as well. Featuring tumbling reels and transforming wilds along with a great bonus game, if you haven’t played this game already then you need to check it out.

Quickspin take their inspiration from a variety of sources, and so we have classic author H.G. Wells to thank for the inspiration behind Epic Journey. When you open this game you will first of all be struck by the unusual layout in front of you, as there are no fewer than three sets of 4 x 5 reels on screen. The game play features expanding wilds, volcanos which spew out extra wild symbols across the reels, and a selection of four amazing bonus rounds featuring illustrations as good as you will find on any slot game.

To demonstrate the inventiveness and refusal to imitate past successes, let’s finally take a look at the Supernova game from Quickspin. This game is like a hybrid between a 3 and a 5 reel game, aas once again this unorthodox games producer has managed to come up with something new. You spin the main three reels to try and come up with winning lines made up of astronomical symbols, and then spin the smaller reels in an attempt to multiply your winnings. The 4th and 5th reels contain only multipliers (good) or black holes (bad) and the idea is to find two multipliers to give you some big wins. Again this is a low variance game defined by superior graphics and audio, and it also boasts a very good return to player of 97.05%.

Mobile Games

Although creating games for mobiles was not a priority when the company was founded in 2011, the growth of that particular market since then has made mobile gaming a priority for Quickspin. Not only have they adapted their popular older games for mobile use, but now every single new release is playable on all models of tablet and smart phone as well as desktop.


Quickspin have risen through the slot gaming ranks in a very short number of years, thanks to the unique and highly playable games they have managed to produce to date. They focus entirely on video slot games, rather than casino or any other game types, and have managed to create some truly innovative slot games which can compete with anything out there right now.