Novomatic have been producing massively popular slot titles like Book of Ra and others for many years. Read our review of Novomatic mobile slot games here.

Novomatic Mobile Slots Review

Novomatic are probably most famous for the incredibly popular Book of Ra series of games, but they have an extensive portfolio of games besides these ones. The company has been producing slot machines and then online slots over the past four decades, and their titles continue to feature in numerous land based and online casinos.


Novomatic have been producing land based slot machines since as far back as 1980, gradually expanding out of their German base across Europe, and finally around the world.

The company was at the forefront of a number of technological advances during the 1990s, as they expanded their sphere of influence throughout Central Europe. They successfully transitioned a number of their popular slot games from casino floors to the virtual world and now boast a range of more than 420 slot games to their name. Having made a turnover of almost €4 Billion in 2014 it is safe to say that Novomatic are still one of the leading lights in the world gambling industry, although a large proportion of that turnover is down to its land based casinos and products rather than the online gaming side of the business.

Slot Features:

Novomatic online slots are generally very recognizable as they tend to follow a set design and retain a similar appearance. You can rely on the games to have a fixed 5 x 3 reel layout (sometimes 5 x 4) featuring pretty standard graphics and Free Spin rounds in lieu of a bonus game. Just about every Novomatic slot offers a Gamble feature where you can double (or lose) your money on the turn of a card.

Wild symbols which expand across the reels are also a common recurring feature in these games.

Popular Slot Games:

It is impossible to talk about Novomatic without returning to the Book of Ra games. The first version appeared way back in 2005, and it has since spawned a slew of follow-ups with similar titles – (ten in total at last count including: Secret of Egypt; Dynasty of Ra; Book of Ra Deluxe 6 and more) - as Novomatic try to recapture the magic of the first release. The game itself will be familiar to fans of other slots by this developer, but the combination of the Ancient Egyptian theme along with clever design and lots of free spins has made these titles hugely popular.

Flame Dancer is another popular Novomatic release, if not to the same stratospheric degree as the Ra series of games. In this title the setting is a Polynesian island, but the game layout remains the same, as do the free spins and gamble feature, plus the unimpressive musical sound-tracking. Expanding wild symbols feature here too, and these are always popular with slots players.

Shooting Stars is a welcome attempt by Novomatic to overhaul the design of their slot games. Reminiscent in appearance to other space-based titles out there, the music and graphics on display here are a considerable upgrade on the standard Novomatic offerings, (even if the actual game play remains much the same), and the win both ways feature adds a little extra spice.

Novomatic & Mobile Slots:

Despite the old fashioned appearance of some of their games, Novomatic are committed to making them compatible with mobile devices. As a result you can find your favourites – so yes, the Book of Ra clones are mobile ready – and play Novomatic games when you are on the move.


While Novomatic still retain a devoted following across much of Central Europe, it is fair to say that they have not managed to keep up with the newer and fresher slots games being produced by their competitors. By sticking to tried and tested formulas Novomatic have been left behind in terms of graphics, animation and game play, and too many of their titles are familiar to the point of being interchangeable. As a result, you will not be able to find Novomatic titles in a lot of the newer casinos which have appeared in recent years, but for the die-hard fans you can still come across their online slots in selected casinos.