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A mobile casino app is an app or program you download to your mobile device which allows you instant access to all of your favourite casino games. You'll have card games like baccarat, blackjack, and poker, as well as a roulette wheel and usually keno, bingo and some lotteries. You only have to download the program once and install it. The best part is you stay signed in and can play on the go, so no more boring waits in traffic, at bus stops, or in queues.
Installation is as simple as A-B-C. First, find the casino you wish to download either at the app store or on a casino website. Next, download it to your device with one click and then hit ‘install' when the download finishes. Finally, follow the process the app instructs, which almost always involves setting up your own personalised account and hooking up a payment method. It's actually extremely easy and won't take more than five minutes in most cases.
Despite rumours that Apple is banning casino apps, there are hundreds available at the iTunes store and the whispers are simply not true. Google Play do not allow any gambling apps within their store, so those with Android phones will have to go directly to the casino website to play via their mobile web version, or to install the app from the casino.  There are also endless varieties of social casino app available at the various stores.  This are free to play, no gambling apps with no winnings paid out and are intended for fun.   You can select from popular and specialized poker or blackjack apps right through to fully functional casinos with a variety of games. You'll be spoiled for choice when you see the options.
The answer really depends on what kind of phone you have and which app you choose. There are far too many platforms and casinos to cover them all one by one, but if you have a phone made within the last few years you will surely be able to find something fantastic. For those of you still using the Nokia handset you bought 10 years ago, sorry, but if you want to enjoy mobile casinos it's time to upgrade!
Absolutely. That said, you should take the same care you would when using any payment method online. Don't leave your phone lying around for anyone to access, password protect it, and always choose a reputable app from a firm with a sterling reputation. Mobile apps are actually safer than login casinos in many ways since a would-be thief or hacker would have to hack into your individual phone, rather than the website as a whole. Casino apps made by reputable firms like Playtech also use powerful encryption, adding an extra layer of security.
In the same way as a live casino website. You can use your credit or debit card to deposit into your account directly, or for an extra layer of protection you can use a third-party payment processor like PayPal or Skrill. You'll have to check which payment options are available with the casino you decide on. While it is true mobile casinos have fewer payment options than live sites, this can be an advantage since it eliminates confusion and gives you a few good options to select from.
Blackjack, baccarat, poker, roulette, craps, bingo, keno, slots and many more! Pretty much every casino game ever created in now available on mobile since mobile connectivity is taking over the web and developers are rushing in to serve mobile players. Many of the games actually have extra features only available to mobile users. Some games like slots are better on mobile while others like live dealer card games are better enjoyed on a desktop. Either way, every game you could want to play is now available on mobile casinos.
Different casinos offer different bonuses depending on which app you select. Some of the bonuses available are: I) No Deposit Bonuses for new players to try the games. II) Free spins and trials on selected and new release slot games. III) Deposit matches and welcome bonuses for new players. IV) Exclusive mobile-only freebies and bonuses V) Pre-Release trials and insider access to new and upcoming games and features
There are two, which some players encounter. Players wanting to play live dealer card games may find the smaller screen on phones frustrating. This is not the fault of the casino and is simply an unfortunate inbuilt feature of the device. For this reason, these games are better enjoyed on tablets, laptops, and desktops. Some players also find restrictions because of their geographic location. For example, some US states regulate and control online gambling and restrict access to mobile casinos.  In the UK you have to hold a UK gambling license, so no such restrictions exist.
We won't name and shame here, but a quick Google search will show up the blacklisted apps. If you download a mobile casino app through the Apple Store, you can be sure it is safe to use since Apple clamps down quickly on any illicit or illegal apps. If you chose to download directly from a casino website, always do your due diligence and look into the firm which developed the app before you download and install.